Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)Frequently Asked Questions

When should I seek counseling?

Many people seek counseling at different times in life. I find that people benefit most from counseling when life problems arise that are overwhelming or difficult to manage. Counseling can provide a safe place to brainstorm, gain support, and problem solve. Seeking counseling does not mean you are broken or helpless. It is simply a place to build on your current strengths, learn new ideas, and try a different approach in order to make life work better.

What should I expect in counseling?

I will work with you to complete an initial intake assessment, which is a time for me to gather information about you and why you are seeking counseling. We will then work together to create your counseling goals, focusing on what concerns are important to you. Thereafter, we will start regular counseling sessions, during which time I use a variety of methods to help you meet your goals in ways that build on your current strengths. These methods may include talk therapy, play therapy, creative expression through art, and parent skills training.

Is everything I say confidential?

Confidentiality is highly important in counseling, and clients have the right to confidentiality within the counseling relationship. As a licensed counselor, I must abide by strict confidentiality rules in regards to your mental health information. Any information is released with your written permission.
These are exceptions to confidentiality:
1) Reporting suspected child abuse;
2) Reporting imminent danger to client or others;
3) Reporting information required in court proceedings or by client’s insurance company, or other relevant agencies;
4) Providing information concerning licensee case consultation or supervision;
5) Defending claims brought by client against licensee. 
For more information, you may contact the Board of Licensed Professional Counselors and Therapists at: 3218 Pringle Rd SE #250 Salem, OR 97302-6312 Telephone: (503) 378-5499

How long does counseling take?

Counseling usually ends when you reach the goals you create at the beginning of treatment. Generally, you can expect a few weeks to months, but there are variations particular to each individual’s needs.

How much does counseling cost?

I offer a sliding fee schedule to accommodate a wide range of family incomes, so please inquire for more information. Presently, my current rate for counseling is $150 for the initial assessment, $80 per individual session, and $90 per family session. The rate for group therapy is $50 per 1.5 hour session. Please contact me for current rates for telephone calls, reports, and consultations.

Will my health insurance cover counseling?

I am partnered with Valley Mental Health, a community mental health clinic providing counseling, medication management, and case management services.

I am able to bill Oregon Health Plan and other insurances through my association with Valley Mental Health. For more information about insurance, please contact me.

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